Team Fisher House Story

Cathy Cabrey and Stacy Toner met in fall of 2003 through their battalion’s Family Readiness Group. Both their husbands were deployed to Iraq from Fort Riley, Kansas in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Stacy’s husband had command of a brigade reconnaissance troop and Cathy’s husband was Stacy’s husband’s battalion commander.  As military spouses, they focused on helping others during the year-long deployment. As individuals, they focused on not only surviving the separation, but thriving as well.

Their friendship began with a conversation about Cathy dabbling with the idea of running a marathon “some day.”  Stacy suggested that “some day” could be now.  They became training partners that same week and added a small local marathon 9 months in the future to their calendars. Cathy and Stacy quickly found that marathon training gave them much needed time to decompress and the physical exercise to relieve the constant stress of a deployment.  It was great therapy.

Six months after their successful completion of the Gobbler Grind Marathon, in Kansas City, Kansas the Army moved Stacy and Cathy to different parts of the country, but their connection remained strong. In early 2006, after a particularly inspirational run, Cathy Cabrey presented the idea of a military spouse team at the Marine Corps Marathon team to Fisher House; the Foundation was immediately on board.  When Cathy called Stacy to ask her to coach this grassroots team, Stacy didn’t hesitate for a moment to say “yes.”   The Team Fisher House program was born.

Cathy and Stacy’s Team Fisher House Story was highlighted in Fitness Magazine.  Click here to download the article.


Team Fisher House story

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