Comments from Donors

We are great fans of Fisher House. We were able to stay at the Fisher House at Ft, Bragg while our son was in the hospital after he was wounded in Afghanistan. It was a beautiful comfortable home. Like being at a bed and breakfast. There was no charge whatsoever. Without Fisher House we would not have been able to be there for our son while he recovered. Thank you Fisher House and thank you Scott Kaldahl. Many blessings. - Marine Corps Historic Half Donor

Fisher House is there for all of us (those who have served) -and anyone that has served knows how easily it could have been us in that hospital bed with family needing support. God has blessed us so we need to give back. Donor - Air Force Marathon races

So, I had a little fender bender in the parking lot of the grocery store yesterday. Worst parking lot ever, but that's beside the point. The man whose car I hit took note of my USAA insurance and out of state license and asked if we were military. When we said yes, he said "I know a guy who can fix this. We won't worry about the insurance claim, just make a donation to the charity of your choice and we'll call it done." So, here's to paying it forward...thanks Mr. Dolan and Fisher House! 

"Thanks to all who serve. We can never repay the debt we owe to these heroes." Brenda Leive - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Fisher House supports our troops, veterans and their families like no other organization, and often at times of distress and need. Stacy and Cathy epitomize what is great about about how Fisher House inspires so many to do so much! Clearly these two must lead the pack!! We applaud your efforts and express warmest regards, John John R. Wheeler Vice President Veteran Corps of America"  Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Keep on keepin' on Greg - we all appreciate what you do for our awesome Troops - mere words just cannot express the gratefulness, that we as a Nation, feel for our brave Men and Women in Uniform. Their sacrifices do not go unnoticed and we owe all our courageous Military folks a debt of gratitude that can never be repaid. Warmest regards, Frank B. Haring”  Army Ten Miler Donor

"I love this charity Rick and I'm really glad you chose it. I know how important this organization is to our brothers and sisters who have been injured and require a longer stay at the hospital. Having family close by is a major factor in the healing process. Vicky and I will be praying for you and your cause. Thanks for being such a great role model for me! Run Rick Run!" Ryan Lucas  - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"I <3 Veterans!"Alison Derr - Army Ten Miler Donor

"One of the highest-rated charities, so everyone can feel good about their donation actually going to help military families. You got this, Kevin."  2012 Army Ten Miler Donor

"There are lots of worthwhile charities, but this one just resonates -- it's a chance to give back to people who were willing to give everything for us." Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"History has taught us over and over again that freedom is not free. When push comes to shove, the ultimate protectors of freedom and liberty are the brave men and women in our armed forces. Throughout our history, they've answered the call in bravery and sacrifice. " Kevin Craig - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Robin, I'm so thrilled that you are running in support of Fisher House, one of my favorite groups supporting our troops. Have a great run with the Marines. I believe in YOU! "  Gretchen Stahlman - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Meg- Thanks so much for spearheading this initiative. It is an honor to contribute in some small way to the Fisher House Foundation's mission and especially to do so in honor of our beloved, beautifu, strong, CST sister and fallen hero, Ashley- White-Stumpf. I cankt wait to reunite with all of Ashley's CST sisters in DC to run the race together in her memory! I love and miss all of you!"Laura Peters - Army Ten Miler Donor

"A very worthy cause. We support and love your goal. We will be rooting for you from afar. I'm sure our troops will be grateful to you and the other runners. Love, Steve,Sr. & Ramona " - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Good luck, Becky! The Fisher House helped us have a family member present for every day of my brother's initial 6 week hospitalization at WRAMC in 2004 and for his return visits for follow-up surgeries, etc. Thanks to the Fisher House we were able to be there to offer our support. The cost of a hotel for that amount of time would have been prohibitive. So, thank you and the Fisher House." Evelyn Reynolds - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Thanks for your efforts for such a great organization, Lesley! I have an Air Force friend who's staying at the Fisher House right now up at Bethesda to be close by his newborn in the NICU there. Truly a wonderful thing that they do! XO" Cyynthia Tweedie - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"I have always supported this organization and what they stand for. I have seen too many families deal with crisis and have Fisher House come to the rescue." Dyanna Johnston - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Joe, Thanks for taking the time and effort to support the Fisher House! Run hard for the military families... we are behind you all the way! Joe & Gail Smith SAVVI LLC" - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Hey Peggy! We have seen what Fisher house has done in so many places and for so many people! Such a great cause and we are so proud of you and your efforts! Hope you get all of the 78ers from USAFA! Love Maggie And Dave" - Air Force Marathon Donors

"Michele,we are so thankful for all the sacrifices you have made for our family. We know how much it meant to have the Fisher House available in our time of need.And now,with your marathon participation,you are helping to make the Fisher House a viable resource for other military families.We are so proud of you! much love, Ed & Ruth Good luck on the marathon!" - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Way to go, Reny. When we lived at Ramstein, I volunteered when I could at the Fisher House there. The services they provide are phenomenal and much needed to our military families. I'm thankful you've found a way to give back to them! Love, Deb" - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Dear Danielle, My husband served in Viet Nam as a captain in the Marine Corp. The U.S.M.C. and our wonderful country are dear to our family. It is a privilege to help to ease the difficulties experienced by our nation's heroes and their families. Thank you for your generous participation in this patriotic fundraiser! Maureen Weir" - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Raylene, I'm so proud that you picked Fisher House! This is a great organization and I've seen it's positive effects first hand throughout my 20 years in the Air Force! It's hard enough to have a child or loved one that's sick, but it makes it doubly difficult when the family can't afford to travel and stay nearby the medical facility. There's a Fisher House on Andrews AFB! Good luck with the race! Cheers, Shannon" - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Chief...thanks for your efforts in supporting this OUTSTANDING Organization. I have too, personally seen how the Fisher House has benefitted our American Warriors of today. My best wishes for you as you participate in this years AF Marathon!! SMSgt Green" - Air Force Marathon Donor

"Brandi - I'm glad you had your experience with Fisher House. This is a great group and you are helping out with a great cause! Keep on running!" Beth Carman - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Merry - what a great cause - working for DOD, we appreciate all the Fisher House does for our troops and their families. Run on! Robin & Norm" - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Good luck with the marathon. It's great to see such initiative to raise funds and ensure we can continue to care for military families. Thanks for taking a lead role. Chief Kruse”  - Air Force Marathon Donor

"Jeffrey, I totallly support your efforts on behalf of the US military and am proud to be a contributor! Congratulations to you on your personal efforts for this worthy cause!"  Linda Hosey 2012 Marine Corps Marathon Donor

“Fisher House is a great organization. Thank you, Peggy, for raising money to help it." Lt. GEN Mike and Joyce Davison  - Air Force Marathon Donor

"Awesome organizations with an even better mission!!!!!!! Semper Fidelis - Love ya Kelly!"  Walter Andrews - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Great opportunity to help troop and their families. - SSG Martinez"- Army Ten Miler Donor

"I work at the Gainesville VA Medical Center and greatly appreciate all your efforts to raise money for our proposed Fisher House. I experience first hand the difficulty veterans and their families undergo when their hospital visit results in a longer stay than expected. Extended hospitalizations are a tremendous hardship and expense to our veteran population and Fisher Houses become a refuge and a support system for veterans and their families dealing with serious illnesses and medical issues. Thanks for your great fundraising efforts and fantastic results. Good Luck with the marathon- you are a winner already. " Denise Cochran - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"So proud of you Lisa. This donation is for you, your Father and my Great Grandfather who served our country in the Navy during WW2. Have an amazing run! " Shanna Patton - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Good luck Alice, I thinks it's great to turn your passion for running into a helping hand for others!" Chris Beck - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"My mom is amazing for running for this cause. As a military member myself I know with pride and speak for all my shipmates when i say that we greatly appreciate it. I know my grandad would be proud too." Christopher Barkley - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Such a deserving charity...happy to contribute. Nicole H."- Army Ten Miler Donor

"run, run, run I'm proud of you. As a veteran, I applaud the mission of the Fisher House. Thank you Brandon" Jason Bailey - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Have a great time, Sir! Happy to support a cause that is both personal and global."Michael & Angela Samosorn - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Thanks for the extra effort to do this. It's extremely important to military families who often are far away from their homes to help the recovery of their loved ones being treated in military hospitals. “  William Barry - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"I can't think of a worthier cause to contribute to. I'm very proud of you, Jen! " Kathleen Lawrence - Air Force Marathon Donor

"Great organization. They did a lot for my family and I when I had my medical issue. " Vincent Elbert - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Ryan, Thank you for running to support this cause. I have family and friends serving and appreciate them and you for service to our country. I am proud to support the Fisher House. Chris " - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"You GO girl! We're behind you 100%. Such a great cause too -- Thank goodness for the Fisher House Foundation helping to support our veterans and their families. Good luck! The Werkman Family Janine & Nick Zach, Tyler, Cole, Connor & Ella " - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Diane, What an awesome undertaking! There is no other event like the Marine Core Marathon and no other cause so deserving of all the time, sweat and effort that you will expend getting ready to honor our Wounded Warriors with each and every step you take along the 26.2 mile course. SEMPER FI !! GOD BLESS YOU, Betty"  - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Mark and Jen, I have watched you morph from a occasional exerciser to a marathon runner! You are an inspiration to so many and now are making a difference in other peoples lives in your quest for fitness! I am so proud of you both for your dedication and accomplishments!! "  Stacie Hillielr -Air Force Marathon Donor

"Happy running Army brat! Thanks for remembering the service of your father and friends." Tandy Shields - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Thanks for being a part of a team that helps our military and their families. I'm thankful that the Fisher House was there for me and my family when we needed them. It's my honor to donate to the organization on your behalf. Praying for you as you prepare to run the Marine Corps Marathon. With a cow bell in hand, we'll be on the course cheering you on. "More cow bell.... go team Fisher House!!!!! " - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Amy, as an Army veteran I want you to know how much I appreciate your efforts at helping the Fisher House do the good work it does. Thanks and have a great run!" Laura Lappe - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Good Luck, Dennis. This is a wonderful cause. Sadly, I know of a family that utilized Fisher house. They said it was a wonderful comfort to them to have a place to stay while waiting to meet the plane that carried their son home for burial. God Bless the United States Military and their families for the incredible sacrifices they make on our behalf.”  Gina Coletti Huntley - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"Osi, Great cause!!!! Thanks for keeping our military families as a priority in our lives. My 9 years in the Navy made me realize how important our military is and how important it is for family support when a loved one is ill or injured so far from home. Thanks Jim Palombaro" - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Malia, thank you for doing this! Many people forget how much these men and women sacrifice for their country. So a big thank you from this Army wife! :) ~Amy”  - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Happy to support an amazing person as she runs in memory of an outstanding man and contributes to a great cause. You're the best Mar!!"  Anne Gierahn - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Meghan, Thank you to you, your friends, and all of our members of the military and especially their families for everything you all do for our country. I hope you guys well exceed your fundraising goal as this is great and necessary cause. Best wishes, - Tom Davis"  - Army Ten Miler Donor

"One of my favorite charities! Thank you, Stu!" Anne Marie Van Atta - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Thank you for competing in this run for such a very worthy cause. Fisher House ranks a full 4 stars on Charity Navigator. 68 out of a possible 70 points. That's an amazing rating! As a proud Army Brat with an active duty brother in theater in Afghanistan now, I thank you from a personal place. Here's hoping this helps you in reaching your goal." Allison Connor - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Maria, I hope you and Adam are well. The Fisher House is a great foundation to run for. I personally have never had to use them, but when my wife’s sister was young, she had cancer and her family stayed in one of the fisher houses multiple times. They have always talked very highly of them. Good luck on the run! Chris and Mendy Melton " - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

"As the wife of a Veteran I could not think of a better place to donate too. Good luck on the run. I am sure you will do FABULOUSLY!" Jaime Canida - Army Ten Miler Donor

"Di- I'm happy to support your efforts to raise money and awareness for Fisher House. The Fisher House was a lifesaver for us when R & M were in the NICU for so many weeks. It's such a source of comfort for Military families across the world. Thanks so much and good luck!!" Missy Ruffing - Marine Corps Marathon Donor

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