Team Fisher House - Meet Our Team

We have four team members dedicated to support your fund- and aware-raising efforts for Fisher House Foundation. We're here to make sure you have the tools and support you need to make your fundraising experience easy, fun, and rewarding!

Stacy Thomas - Director of Community Engagement (301-294-8560 or Email )

Stacy Toner - Military Race Fundraising Coordinator (240-599-2480 or Email )

Gillian Gonzalez - Fundraising Coordinator (240-270-2970 or Email)

Cathy Cabrey - Fundraising & Communications Consultant (240-599-2473 or Email )

About Cathy Cabrey photoCathy’s Story

My introduction to Fisher House happened in 2001 when my 10 year-old daughter started getting an allowance.  Trying to teach her the importance of giving back, my husband and I encouraged her to give 10% of her allowance to a charity. She chose to support Fisher House with a $3 check each month after reading a story about the Foundation in the Stars & Stripes.  Several months of donations later, she received a personal letter from Ken Fisher (Fisher House CEO), thanking her for her generosity.  We were very impressed with an organization that welcomed and appreciated every gift, no matter how small.

My family and I moved from Germany to Fort Riley, Kansas in 2003.  Three months after landing on the ground and taking battalion command, my husband’s unit was deployed to Iraq in support of OIF I.  The conflicts in Ramadi and Fallujah brought many casualties to the brigade.  Several soldiers’ families called Fisher Houses their homes-away-from-home while their loved ones were treated at military medical facilities around the world.  When I described Fisher House to one wife the evening before she flew to Landstuhl, Germany to meet her husband who was severely injuring during an IED attack, I could sense her relief over the phone.  Knowing that she had a comfortable, supportive place to stay during the long road to recovery ahead made a devastating situation a little easier to bear. It was at that moment that Fisher House’s mission truly clicked with me.

Deployments are hard on soldiers and on their families.  But had it not been for our husbands’ deployments, Stacy and I might not ever have met, nor trained for a marathon together.  Team Fisher House might not ever have been started. 

Stacy and I started out with Fisher House in 2006 as volunteers with no prior fundraising or event-planning experience.  By asking a lot of questions, attending more webinars than we can count, utilizing the ideas and suggestions of our team members, and with a lot of support from the Foundation, Team Fisher House has become the program it is today.

As the program grows each year, Stacy and I remember our humble beginnings.  We make sure every fundraiser and every donation made through the program, regardless of size, are truly appreciated.

I am so grateful for the opportunity Fisher House has given Stacy and me to bring this grassroots fundraising concept to fruition.  They graciously allow two military spouses, who live unpredictable lives in ever-changing locations, to give Foundation supporters the tools and resources they need to raise funds and awareness for an amazing organization. 


About Stacy Toner photoStacy’s Story

As an active duty military spouse since 1999, my connection to Fisher House is personal.  During my own husband’s deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan, his units have called upon the support of the Fisher House Foundation to support the families of his wounded, injured and ill soldiers. One of my husband’s soldiers was wounded and returned to the States for treatment during OIF I.  His wife stayed at the Fisher House adjacent to Walter Reed Army Hospital while he recovered.  During these deployments and during our daily lives in the military, I am put at ease knowing that if an emergency medical situation arises, the Fisher House would be there for my own family.  As the Foundation says, “A family’s love is good medicine.”

The call I received from Cathy asking me to coach our first team in 2006 was an honor.  It was a few years after I earned my master’s degree in Exercise Science, a field in which I enjoyed educating others on improving their health.  This was an opportunity to reach-out to those with a passion for supporting the military and who were striving for a personal fitness goal.  Two concepts I am also passionate about!  As the years pass our team continues to grow, and I become more excited for each race season to begin.  It is an opportunity to share my knowledge of running and excitement in seeing friends and families of the military become healthier while spreading the word about a wonderful organization doing incredible things for our military families.

I am truly honored and humbled to be part of this wonderful organization, to be the Military Race Fundraising Coordinator of such enthusiastic fundraisers, and to be a proud military spouse.