Team Member Comments

I personally wanted to thank you for making team gofasters first marine corp marathon so special. Fisher house went above and beyond to make us feel like rock stars out on the marathon coarse with the cowbells and volunteers cheering us on. The pasta dinner was so motivating especially Colonel Ben and his!!! The communication from fisher was outstanding throughout the entire process. I could not be prouder to be associated with such an amazing organization and their staff. I meet so many amazing runners from team fisher house that keep me motivated all 26.2 miles with high fives, fist bumps, hugs and pats on the back. I smiled the whole coarse until the end when I cried thinking of Colonel Ben and the families I just helped! I was so moved. My team will be back next year bigger and stronger with fisher house!!!! Again words can't truly express our gratitude. -Team Captain Go Faster 2014MCM

One of the many advantages TFH has over other running charities is the volunteers. From the multitude of enthusiastic cheering squads spread over the course to the cow hat donned water stop folks, support for the runners is never far away. And the incredible course photos, taken by volunteers and offered freely, are a priceless memento of a day where every TFH runner is treated like an elite runner! Thank you TFH Volunteers! Every smile, word of encouragement, and ringing cow bell is appreciated! - Kevin Connelly 7-year Teammate ATM & MCM

I run for Team Fisher House because it is a great organization.   I take every chance I get to tell anyone who will listen about all the great things that Fisher House do for our veteran's families. Nothing lifts the spirits of the injured or ill like being surrounded by the people who love them and Fisher House makes that possible for our vets. - Kristina Bennett 2014 AFM

Just a note to thank you for the support as I worked through my injured Achilles tendon and still finished the MCM. It was my first marathon and I was scared of all the uncertainty of this event. Your kind words on Thursday night and the wonderful Fisher House staff on race day made this such a great experience. Yes, today I'm sore and stiff, but I can't wait until next year. - Chris Souther 2014MCM

Loved running the ATM today for TFH! So glad I got to wear my awesome yellow jersey and I loved having personal cheering sections throughout the race! - Eri Ka 2014 ATM Teammate

I run as part of TFH in the AFM because of the GREAT people that operate and volunteer at the Fisher House there at Wright-Patterson AFB.  Mary Lou & Taz are the BEST volunteers and if they and the rest of their team can give that much every day to the success of the Fisher House program at WPAFB then I can run 26.2 miles on a Saturday in September in Dayton to help raise funds for this wonderful cause. - Regis Canny 7-year alumni MCHH, AFM, NAFHM5M, ATM, MCM

I just wanted to say "thank you" to the wonderful volunteer that ran up the final hill with so many Fisher House runners.....I really would have walked up that last incline without her encouragement! Thank you again! - Susan Dudley 2014MCM

It feels so good to have been able to help even a little bit to raise money for what I consider the most worthy charity in the country.  It is the one way I can give back and when I run my races, it is Fisher House, and the service members of our country that I think of when the gun goes off, and helps inspire me to keep going the extra mile. - Suzanne Isham Team CGI Community Fundraiser/Patriot Challenge 

Those who know me know that I'm not a runner. I actually had a blast at the Army Ten-Miler today! Thank you to all the amazing staff and volunteers!! - Deanna Foust 2014 ATM

The entire Van Valkenburgh family would like to say a HUGE Thank You to Team Fisher House. It was Alex's honor to run as the youngest member of your team yesterday. He wore his Team Fisher House jacket to school this morning with pride. Everyone at the race tent was wonderful and the post race massage really helped his poor little legs. Thank you so much for everything you do for military families. 2014 MCM

I cannot begin to describe the emotions that I feel right now. This marathon was truly one of the greatest achievements of my life. No, it wasn't because this was my first, or even my first Marine Corps marathon, because it was my 3rd (and second MCM). It wasn't because I PR'd or BQ'd, both of which I did this time. However, this was a life changing event because I was able to be part of something so much greater than myself, so much greater than a time, or a personal achievement. I was able to, in the process of training, raise awareness for an organization that does wonders for families in times of need. I was able to see evidence of that firsthand when I attended the pasta dinner Saturday night, and I was able to wear the attire bearing the great name and image of the Fisher House during race day further demonstrating my commitment to go beyond myself. Not to mention that I was amazed by the volunteer support the Fisher House had. I swear there were more volunteers on the course for Fisher House than there may have been those of us running and that in and of itself was amazing. If ever I was tired and I saw some Fisher house support, it revived me, I smiled, cheered, and carried on. There were other times of solitude even on the ever energetic course where i was able to reflect on things such as Ty Ziegel and his mother Becky and how the Fisher house affected their lives. talk about renewed energy! It is really hard to get discouraged or feel tired when you remember that those are the types of families you have raised money for and are working to represent even if through just a simple race. I was blown away by this experience and look forward to continuing to be a part of what you Are doing. I can't wait to continue to represent the Fisher house and to be a part of Team Fisher house in races to come. I honestly joined this team only because I didn't get in to the MCM due to the website crash and needed a charity to run for. I only remembered that a guy starting in front of me at the MCM last year was wearing a Team Fisher house shirt so I figured "I'll just join that charity then." It was no accident that I landed on this team and it has truly been a life changing experience. Thank you again for all that you do. - Brittney Crain 2013MCM

Team Shockwave Runners - so proud of this crew who raised some serious cash for Team Fisher House and ran to success at the Air Force Marathon today, with much love and support from the Team Fisher House support crew. - David Flosi 2013AFM

Thank you again from you support with fundraising to training information.  The pasta dinner was great and the speaker bought a few tears to my eyes.  When I started to hurt during the run, I thought about her and the other families that I was running for – it inspired me and gave me energy.  It was great to see the yellow shirts and the cow bells and hats.  When I needed help, I just needed to point to the crowd and there was someone to give me cow bell!  The last challenge of taking the hill was a breeze.  I hit the hill and a cramp hit my legs – almost froze me.  But, Stacy was there to yell at me and encourage me up.  Thank you.  No problems – not even a little charlie horse!  Thank you again for all you do for us runners and the Fisher House.  Your work is truly appreciated and makes a difference.  I cant wait to do it again. - Jim Kaufmann 2013MCM

Thank you for a wonderful race day filled with cow bell support.  Thank you for everything you do!  We can't wait for next year : ) -Amy and Dan Greif 2013ATM

Just wanted to say Thank You for allowing me to represent Team Fisher and for the help you assisted to prepare me for the race.  It was awesome to hear the team cheer and ring their cow bells as us runners/wheelers passed by them.  What a great team.  I plan to wear the shirt when I do 5k/10k races. - James 2013AFM

I would like to thank everyone who supported "Team Jack Shick" during the Marine Corps Marathon on Sunday. We all completed the race standing with our heads held high because we ran for a great cause. We raised a total of $11,361 for the Fisher House Foundation.  - Keith Shick 2013MCM

Nothing feels better after completing your 2013 USAF Marathon event for the Fisher House than a complimentary massage and the fellowship in the "perks tent". - Doug Seeber Alumni 2013AFM

 This was our second year running with TFH and we will definitely be back. Great support before, during and after. Glad to see the team raised so much funds for an incredible cause. You guys are great, rock on!! - Lindsay Migala 2013MCM

 This was my first marathon and I could not be happier to have ran the Marine Corps Marathon and even more pride comes when I say I ran for Team Fisher House.  I did not know much about the organization prior to training for the marathon but I slowly learned how phenomenal your services are and outstanding of an organization you are.  You truly change the lives of thousands of families and individuals and for that I am so proud to say I was a part of that change and I promise to continue supporting your cause whether I run another marathon or not.  This past weekend was so amazing and I have you to thank.  Every little detail was covered and you made what was a very strenuous training regimen and marathon as easy as possible.  Your volunteers were outstanding this weekend and I am so thankful for all the time and effort you and your entire staff put in to make the Marine Corps Marathon so special for me.  Keep up the GREAT work.- Rebecca Cohen 2013MCM

THANK YOU to all involved in making yesterday's TFH MCM such an amazing experience! Having Stacy give us that last push up the final hill was incredible and seeing Cathy's big smile at the end put the icing on the cake. xoxo - Maria Duncan THF Alumni 2013MCM

Woke up today and it settled in on what a great time I had in Dayton. Just wanted to thank you for making it all happen from the expo to race day. Truly was an honor to run for TFH and look forward to Army Ten and MCM.  Thanks again. -Joe Frank (blind runner guide) 2013AFM, 2013ATM, 2013MCM

Had such a great experience running with Team Fisher House. Tremendous support during all aspects of the race, from four months ago until after crossing the finish line. It was wonderful to be part of an organization that does so much for our military families. Looking forward to next year! - Karen Wright 2013MCM

The volunteers and all the family & friends of runners out spectating and cheering (to the end) for all the Team Fisher House runners was such a boost on the course. I loved running for TFH and was so proud to be a part of it. Thank you - it made running my first marathon an absolute blast!! - Melissa Orme 2013MCM

We wanted to once again thank you for putting on a terrific event. Your events around and supporting the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon were incredibly well organized from start to finish. My boys (Jacob and Charlie) loved their 2nd run at the MCM 10k and my daughter Grace enjoyed supporting them - cowbell and all! We’re thrilled to support such a great charity and looking forward to being back in the years to come. Thanks again and see you in '14! - Matyas Family THF Alumni 2013MCM & 2013MCM 10K

I was running the half marathon this past weekend in Philadelphia, and ran into two Team Fisher House members, one on the course and one after the finish. I love that I have a nice group of running friends wherever I go. - Sharon Rosenblatt TFH Alumni

 If your bucket list has a marathon on it, and you don't want to do it alone... MCM & Team Fisher House is the answer. With TFH you will ride a wave of energy for 26.2 miles with a member of your own personal support crew on almost every corner. It was one of the greatest days of my life, and the running was just a minor detail. Loved it so much I convinced a neighbor to run the next year with TFH and she came back just as excited. The yellow jersey is your ticket to happiness, while helping the most worthwhile cause. Good luck team 2012! – Jeffrey Oves

I want to start by thanking you for an amazing experience at my first marathon.  Being a part of the Fisher House Team was by far the best part of the marathon.  The amazing job you do is so obvious in how the organization runs.  From all the emails to the Spaghetti dinner, to you coaching me up the hill.  Thank you!!!!!!!  Fisher House is a Wonderful organization that I was very proud to be part of, and I am very pleased that great people such as yourself are in charge.  Thanks Again for all you do. -Thomas Walsh, NY 2012MCM

Thank you for everything.  I flew down to DC by myself and was overwhelmed by the support and hospitality shown by the whole Fisher House team.  The decorations on my hotel room door were an awesome surprise as well!  The marathon was excellent as I got to enjoy one of the best courses in the Country while supporting a great cause.  You (Stacy Toner) and Cathy obviously put a tremendous amount of thought into the planning and execution of the whole event and it showed. Hope to be running with team Fisher House again soon.  Thanks again. – Paul Angland, MA 2012 MCM

I had a wonderful experience running for Team Fisher House.  I am a fairly experienced marathoner but this was the first time that I have run for a charity.  Funny that it occurred because I met Cathy's father after last year's race in the bar at the Marriott.  Anyway the support along the course was absolutely amazing.  This was by far the most fun I have ever had running a marathon.  As I ran along the course I couldn't wait to see where the next group of people wearing yellow shirts, cow hats, and ringing cowbells would be.  You have no idea how helpful the cheering people are especially when it gets late into the race.  BTW, I think it was Stacy (Team Coach) that came up behind me to offer encouragement as I was running up the last hill.  You scared the heck out of me.  I was so focused on just getting that race over that the last thing I expected was someone to come up beside me yelling encouragement.  It worked though as I flew up the hill to the finish line.  Thank you so much!  You two (Cathy Cabrey and Stacy Toner) should be very proud of the work you are doing.  I will be more than happy to support your cause in the future. - Dan Pickle, PA 2012 MCM

I am emailing you on behalf of Team 1775 to THANK YOU first for Team Fisher House and secondly for all that you do for the members.  From the TFH tent to all the volunteers throughout the course your leadership and management are second to none and is why everyone on my team asked me if Team 1775 would be returning for the third year!  And that answer is yes!  Thank you for all that you do! - Damian S. Norris, VA (Team 1775 Team Captain) 2011-2012 MCM

I just ran the Army Ten Miler with Team Fisher House last weekend. I have to say, I really enjoyed the experience, especially not knowing what to expect going into my first race. Having volunteers from Team Fisher House ringing cow bells along the course really did help get me through some tough stretches of the race when my legs felt worn out and I was desperately trying to fight off that growing stitch in my side around mile 8. – Marleen Welsh, Washington DC, 2012 Army Ten Miler

Air Force 2011 was my first experience with this event. I was a half marathoner and arrived to the venue early in order to score a great parking spot. Success! I had a chance to stand around and watch the marathoners and 10k'ers head out after the awesome fly over. In the meantime, I watched the TFH in action with the funny hats and cowbells. I knew then that I had to be a part of that one day. That time is now! There was no doubt in my mind. I am a proud Air Force vet mom and know what it is like to be a military mom.  So far, everything is falling in line. Next up, actual marathon training starting first of June with our local running club.

This is going to be a life changer for me! Thank you! – Laurie Rose, IL (Team Rose Runners) 2012 Air Force Marathon

I just want to say that I truly enjoyed being a part of Team Fisher House at the Marine Corps Marathon!  TFH did an awesome job with every detail for us runners from the email updates to the pasta dinner to the tent in Charity Village – it was all GREAT! Of course, the massage after the marathon was a very nice treat!!  I don’t remember what mile marker it was, but the college kids were there with the cow hats and cowbells, they saw me coming up with my school bus yellow shirt on and started cheering wildly – which was great for me! It was also great for Fisher House – there was a woman running beside me that commented about the great support that *I* had and that she kept seeing the “cows” in the crowd and was going to check out Fisher House!  I was very proud to be on the course representing Fisher House – thank you for the opportunity!  Sincerely –Colleen Curran 2012 MCM

Dear Stacy & Cathy- Two very unbelievable women. Wow really hard to explain what a incredible operation you two have going. First time at the Marine Corp Marathon and was very impressed. I was only a supporter but next year I am in. I am a parent coordinator for a small Midget Football Program and I thought I was organized. But, ladies you take the cake. That is a great  fundraiser and great organization. I know that you are already planning for next year but make time for yourselves. You probably do not hear this enough but here it goes Great Job!!!! And Well Done!!  Sincerely - Janel Webb 2012 MCM

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for Team Fisher House.  I love being a part of Team Fisher House and supporting such a worthwhile cause.  Specifically, I want to thank you for your encouragement as I was running the last 0.2 miles up the hill. This was the easiest of the 3 marathons I've run in the past month but as I was approaching Mile 26 I got a major cramp just inside my knee (must have been the wind freezing up the muscle) and it was all I could do to power up that hill.  Hearing your encouragement was the push I needed to finish that darn thing and sprint in to the finish.  Thank you! – Holly Bisbee, VA 2007-2012 MCM

Thank you so much for your hospitality at the Army Ten Miler! From team check-in to the tent at the end of the race, you guys were amazing! It just goes to prove that everything is better with MORE COWBELL! Thank you for being champions for the Fisher House! Have a great time at the MCM! I will see you there next year! :) – Sarah Young, KS 2012 Army Ten Miler

Thanks for all the support at the Air Force Marathon this past weekend, you ladies and all the volunteers did such an amazing job! Loved the cheering all along the route and the massage at the end... perfect! – Darby Mouritsen, CO 2012 Air Force Marathon races

I just picked up my packet for the AF Marathon tomorrow, and I have to say that Team Fisher House is the best! I've run a full marathon and 6 half marathons, many for charity teams, and you're team is the best by far!! Thanks! Can't wait to see you on the course. – Rachael Zolinas, PA 2012 Air Force Marathon

So glad to have joined Team Fisher House for the MCM in October. I am very appreciative, especially being new this year, of the welcome phone call I received from Stacy and all of the email updates. I look forward to meeting everyone and working together to fundraise for such a wonderful cause. I can already tell this is a great group and thank you for making me feel welcome! – Lisa Taylor, NY 2012 MCM

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